Brown Tool Auctions

Brown Auction Conditions for Absentee Bidding

To allow those unable to attend in person to bid, we have the below absentee bidding options available:

  • placing a bid through our website
  • direct mail/phone bidding through Brown Tool Auctions

As an aid to making informed and confident absentee bids, we have described each lot carefully, along with photographs of all items.

Successful absentee bidders will be assessed a service charge of $3 per item purchased. This is necessary because of extra costs associated with administration of the absentee bidding program. The only other charge will be $5 per package for packing plus shipping costs. If crating or special handling is required, those costs will be passed on at our cost.

1. Bidding through our Website

To place a bid through our Website, you may register as a bidder. You may also check out without registering; after placing the first bid you will be prompted to either register, login, or click the button to place the bid without registering. 
To register, go to our registration page and follow the instructions online. From there, you can access our Auction Pages and place bids on any items you wish.

       The minimum bid for any lot is $20.00. If a bid for less than $20.00 is received, it will be increased on behalf of the bidder to $20.00.

2. Through Brown Tool Auctions.

For absentee bids by phone, contact Jim Gehring at (800) 248-8114, Fax: (207) 688-4831. It is a good idea to follow up mail, fax, or internet bids with a phone call to confirm that we received your bids. The Absentee Bidding Form enclosed in the current copy of the Brown Auction Catalog is to be used to bid by mail or fax and confirm your phone bid. Please contact us if you would like a copy of the bidding form. 

A blank sheet of paper may be used for additional bids; be sure your name is on each sheet. Include your full address for UPS delivery-no P.O. Box numbers, please.

Initial placed bids must be received by Noon E.S.T. on the Friday before the auction. No online, mail, fax, or phone bid increases will be accepted after 5 P.M. EST, Friday. This is the deadline for calls to increase your bid(s).

Brown Tool Auctions will bid on behalf of absentee bidders. If more than one bid is received on the same item from different people, the bidding will open at the next logical raise above the second-highest bid. When identical maximum bids are received from two or more absentee bidders, the first one received will take precedence.

We recommend after placing any bids you follow up via email or phone to confirm we received your bids.  
Every effort is made to execute all absentee bids. However, in the event of an omission, Brown Tool Auctions will not be held liable.

In all cases, Brown Tool Auctions will exercise your bid in a competitive manner.


All absentee bids must be in even-dollar amounts, in 5-dollar increments (i.e., $100.00; $25.00, $45.00, etc)
The minimum bid for any lot is $20.00. If a bid for less than $20.00 is received, it will be increased on behalf of the bidder to $20.00.

Absentee bids will not be executed on items that are subsequently found to differ from the catalog or onLine description.

All absentee bids must be accompanied by a check or credit card payment of 20 percent of your total bid(s), which will only be cashed after the sale. All website credit card payment are processed through a secure server, though you will also have the option of making your deposit by check even if bidding online. If your check is less than the amount of your purchase(s), you will be notified of any additional amount due, including a $3 per lot service charge and packing and shipping costs.

If using VISA/MASTERCARD, a 20 percent deposit is also required, which will be charged to your card account.
If the VISA/MASTERCARD authorization is for less than the amount of your purchase(s), the authorized charge will be adjusted to reflect any additional amount due, including the service charge, and packing and shipping costs.
Purchases paid for by check will be shipped when the balance is received.
If your check exceeds your purchase(s), we will ship your lot(s) immediately after the sale, along with our check for the difference due you.
Checks from unsuccessful bidders will be returned.
Purchases made using VISA/MASTERCARD will be shipped immediately after the sale.


If a competing floor bid is made at your maximum, the auctioneer will take the first bid he hears or sees. If the floor bid is at your maximum bid, Brown Tool Auctions reserves the right to increase your bid by one bid raise to break the tie.

Within five days of receiving their purchases, absentee bidders may return any lot found to differ significantly from the catalog description or website description (minor differences in measurements excepted), provided it is still in as-sold condition.
This return policy applies only to items purchased for absentee bidders by Brown Tool Auctions.
This return policy does not apply to on-site bidders or absentee bidders using the services of an agent other than Brown Tool Auctions.

Because Brown Tool Auctions complies with the strictest procedures for ethical conduct, we will disclose information about absentee bids upon request from registered bidders at the end of the auction, but only to the degree it does not interfere with the privacy of other bidders. We will not give out your name or the name of other bidders to anyone.

The auctioneer reserves the right to change or modify the terms of this sale in any way that the auctioneer deems necessary.
Any changes in the terms of the sale will be announced at the sale.

The auctioneer has the right to cancel this sale at any time. If the auction is canceled, the auctioneer will be liable to the auction-goers only for the catalog subscription price.

Admission to the sale is by catalog (admits two people) or $3.00 at the door. The best buy in town.

NOTE: A 13% buyer's premium will be added for credit cards,
10% buyer's premium for cash or good checks (3% discount).

We will always exercise your bids competitively.

Auctioneer Jay Ziegler, License #AU002120L

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